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Congratulations to Our Students for passing the CIW Site Development Associate Certification Test:

Alex Murillo, Everan Keesey, Jocelyn Ruiz, Victor Reyes, Elijah Sandoval, Jaiden Torres, Reece McClain, Jiovany Zuniga, Xanthier Lee, Damian McMackins, Luis Rivera, Alfredo Salas-Gonzalez, Fatima Nacudemi, Marcos Mendoza, Michael Stuhlman, Kruz Jimenez, Gianlucas Mendoza, Jeamscy Salgado

LaBelle Middle School

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Click on the Student to get to the Pages they are working on in class:

These are some valuable links that are used in our 6th Grade Keyboarding Class. Students are always welcome to improve what they lack, or if absent, put in the "overtime" needed to catch up.
Your School Gmail Account
  • Your Gmetrix Gmetrix
  • Learn Something New Here at Khan Academy Khan Academy
  • Check your Certiport Record
  • Make Sure you look at the "Internet Social Media and You" by WoodBurn Press - A Student Success Company

    Things for the Digital Information Students to do this weekend!!!

    Things for you to prep for testing:

    1. Log into Gmetrix and do the Computing Fundamentals "Security Section" Video Training (Pay Attention). This is an area a lot of folks have trouble with.

    2. Then do the "CF - Backup/Restore/Apps" Test

    3. The "Computing Fundamentals Practice Exam"

    Be Here MONDAY - We will DO a GReat Review!!!