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Student pages at LaBelle Middle School Students

So far....

Interesting Reads:

Business Insider - Humans proven to Learn more from printed text than Digital. Surprising??

Great Insight into Student Bullying - Where does it happen?

Check this story about Google Searches - Makes one wonder doesn't it!

New Browsers which is the safest! (Firefox Focus)


Here are some Course Syllabi Documents to see what we are all about!

Business Keyboarding

Our classes are working very hard on www.keyboardingonline.com, and our Digital Citizenship. We must make sure we are using technology responsively!

We expect our students to be around Lesson 6-7 this week.

Digital Information

Working on Digital Citizenship and will begin our Gmetrix Prep on Monday. This is what preps us for the Global Standards 5 exam.

Web Foundations (New Class)

Begin working on our CIW, Site Development Exams. This high school class will prepare our students for possible careers in years to come. Get involved -

Check some of our Student Projects: