Student Council

Members of the student council were Amy sutton, Lisa Cisnero, Stacee Stinnett, and Keith Pickles they knew the value of hard work.

The student Council is made up of classroom representatives. These students work toward showing how the democratic process is used to bring change and improvement to our campus.

Junior Beta Club

The Beta Club consists of students who maintain a "B" or above grade average. The club sponsors school dances, runs the school store, helps needy families, and buys equipment for other areas of the school. The group went to Washington, D.C., that year.


Team members are Scott Nelson, Tim Messman, Shad Turner, Eric Sanche, Lane Berg, Jenny Groves, Billy Neal, Julie Paul, Lisa Somero, Britton Gooklad, Jessie Thompson, Kris Carter, Tim Still, Jamie Russ, Sallie Harn, and Tiffany Granims. They compete with students from other schools in identifying native plants and animals.