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Yearbook - 2000

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The yearbook, the book of memories in a sense, keepers of the past some people would rather forget since they didn't particularly like high school or middle school. Now as yearbooks continue, and as we look back into the past, we can see how life was back then, and see how different life was back then. The style, the technology (whether it had color or not), classes, and more, as a view to the past, people cherish it as it is a window into what they once were back in the old days.

Anyways, introduction over, the yearbook tends to be something people either love, or dislike. In my case I don't really know so I don't really bother with the yearbook in the first place. Just don't really feel like buying it, anyways the yearbook that is going to be showcased here is going to be from the 2000's and the focus is going to be LMS. The yearbook shows that back then the current photographic technology available, consisted of photos, with no color at all. As I previously said in the previous paragraph, we can take a look into the past and see how much technology has evolved over the years, and changed into what we have now. That's besides the point, however, some interesting things can also be found in yearbooks. Whether it be someone sharing you name, or someone that kinda looks like you. Things like these can lead to some, pretty interesting experiences, especially when someone looks like someone else that you know, or someone shares your name. Certain connections like these make yearbooks interesting and show us that they are not just any book you can just get. Yearbooks contain memories whether fond or.. Less than desirable memories, they still remind us of what we once were.