LaBelle Middle School started a Web Development class this year, to hopefully, get students involved in learning the basics of HTML, CSS, File Hierarchy's and of course, web planning and creation.
We've discovered that doing things such as this, is time consuming, tedious, and requires planning. Many of our students have discovdered that HTML is a language or any code writing, is unique.
Please make sure you let us know what you think. If you can, provide help, and encouragement, as many, have not picked on this as quick. We do salute 8th Graders Nicholas Alonzo, and Joshua White for obtaining an Adobe Certification in Dreamweaver. Take some time and look at some of our other certified students here.
Thanks for listening
Mr. Kevin lutkenhaus, instructor - LaBelle Middle School - 8000 East Cowboy Way - LaBelle, FL 33935 - 863-674-4646, Ext. 281