Yearbook project Welcome to 2005 lms web page where you will see all the activites,sports,students,and teachers from the year. In 2005 there were some different things we will be looking at lms 2005. The school wasnt different but the activites were and the sports. now this not the year 2005 this is what was going on in the year 2005. 2005 had. this is also made by kyle kirtley Looking back... the activities were
  • band
  • Bronco yearbook staff
  • FBLA
  • spelling bee
  • Those were activities back in 2005 some of those activities we dont have now but LMS is still cool ;) in my opinion but yeah the activities were crazy the sports are even crazier because some are old.

    The sports are
  • basketball for girls and boys
  • wrestling
  • cheer-leading
  • and more...

    Sports are fun but wrestling we dont have that now the sports in 2005 were okay but now on to the teachers.

    some of the teachers in 2005 are still teaching here are few of them.
  • jackie
  • Nikki
  • Jason
  • narehood
  • 2005 was the year of the best school year so come on down to LMS and see all the thing we are doing now.

    2005 lms was not always fun because sometimes P.E class was very hard. sports
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