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The Corral

This page describes the Book


Book Layout The book itself has a very leather like look and texture, it is dark red with white or grey lettering to match the school coloring
On the cover it has a diagonal box that read The "CORRAL".
This Book is 54 years old so its not in the perfect shape for example page are ripped and cut some have even been wrote on which is terrible


The layout of this book is very standard as far as i know with yearbooks pictures on the inside names on the outer edges.
Pictures are in black and white. Every few pages there is a picture of a student or two who were voted "Most Popular" or "Most Talented" an so on, this is for every grade level.
For every grade level their is a group of students who i assume were voted for "President", "Vice-President", "Secratary", "Treasurer", "Sentinal", and "Reporter"

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