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LaBelle Middle School's IT Celebration

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206 Student Tests Passed this Year - What a job!

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Newest Adobe Flash CS6 Certified Student at LaBelle Middle SchoolTony has just obtained his Adobe Flash Creative Cloud 2015 Certification in PhotoShop=7

Congratulations to 7th Grader Peter Mallott who won the Drawing for the IPad ProPeter Winning the Ipad Pro

Such Great Support of LaBelle Middle School. Thanks to Mr. Michael Swindle, our Director of Workforce Development for speaking to our students and "hitting home" by discussing what their purpose is at school, the value of their hard work, and overcoming obstacles during their lives.

Michael Swindle, Director of Workforce Development Speaks to the Students of LMS

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The Party was a success! Thanks to the People at the Dallas Townsend Center, The Quart House Restaurant of LaBelle, Certiport© www.certiport.com, and their SW Florida Representative Wyman Patten, and US Sugar's Tony Barnes, we got the biggest bang for our day

Ms. Abigail Green, 7th grader at LMS, opened the day with a blessing and we were off. Following the food, Dr. Iris Borghese, the Principal of LMS welcomed all the students, and praised the 62 students in attendance for their hard work. She spoke highly of the impact this has on our community, and the skills that they will always be able to show to post-secondary schools, and employers.

Mr. Michael Swindle, then spoke to the group, praising them for their work, and indicated their place and success compared to other Florida Schools. He mentioned the positive contributions we must all have, when things aren't always going our way. He is, a tremendous supporter to the workforce programs in Hendry County.

Mr. Wyman Patten, then addressed the students and shared some of the things he sees when traveling the 15 counties he covers. He talked about our students being at the top of the pack, in terms of certifications at the middle school. He shared that he has viewed a northern community college, and they require, their college students to pass the IC3 GS5 exams. LaBelle Middle had 26 students with these! He also brought a backpack prize and presented it to Tony Vasquez, who currently owns 7 IT certifications.

Mr. Tony Barnes, the Director of IT Operations at US Sugar then discussed how technology is rampant at US Sugar, and the many opportunities that exist in the IT Field. This area is constantly growning, and he also mentioned how valuable, these people are to US Sugar, and placed a high demand on female IT expertise.

He showed impressive displays as to how the 245,000 acres of US Sugar, is all covered under their innovative Wi-Fi System, the first and best in the world. Great Day, special thanks to the following for their contributions to make this a go!

  • Debbie Livingston, Transportation Director of LaBelle Transportation
  • Beth Lutkenhaus, Guidance Counselor of LaBelle Middle School and Support Person
  • Lynne Moore, Media Specialist of LaBelle Middle School and Support PersonThe Quart House Restaurant
  • Luis Marquez, Agriculture Teacher of LMS, and Supporter
  • Mr. Matt Germain, Owner of the Quart House Restaurant of LaBelle
  • People of the Dallas Townsend Agriculture Center

Also Check the Florida Department of Education for More Information

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